Vintage 18 Kt Gold Italian Coral Earrings with small Diamonds

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Gemstone: Diamond • Materials: Gold 18KT, Corals

These vintage earrings were handmade by one of our goldsmiths, with Italian coral, 18 kt gold and small diamonds placed in a central band. The legend says that when Perseus cut the head of Medusa, her blood went to the sea and transformed the acquatic plants in corals. The italian tradition of corals take its roots on roman times: coral jewelry has been given to mothers that nursed their children, the italian grandma said if milk was good coral would keep red and brillant. Let's say the Italian coral is another version of the traditional amulet. The reason why people think this an amulet gemstone, something that deals with our ancient roots is that coral is red like the blood, like the wine, like the italian life!