Genuine Roman Jasper Intaglio 18Kt Gold Ring depicting Fortuna

• Handmade 100% Made in Italy • Genuine Intaglio 1st cent BC • Gemstone: Jasper • Size: 6 3/4 US Adjustable • Band material: Gold 18KT • Order Processing Time: 1 Business Day • Worldwide Delivery Time: 1-5 Business Days

This beautiful 18kt gold ring features an exquisite Roman intaglio on jasper, which depicts the goddess Fortuna holding a cornucopia in her right hand and a rudder in her left. Fortuna, whose name is derived from the Greek goddess of luck, Tyche, was a popular deity in Roman religion and her cult persisted through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Fortuna's symbolism is rich and varied. She is often depicted with a ship's rudder, symbolizing her role as a guide through life's uncertain waters, and a ball or wheel of fortune, representing the capricious nature of fate. The horn of plenty or cornucopia, which is held by Fortuna in this intaglio, is another common attribute of the goddess. It is a symbol of abundance and good fortune, representing the bountiful harvest and the blessings of the gods.

Fortuna was an important deity in Roman society, revered for her power to bring good luck and prosperity. She was often invoked by the people and the emperors alike, and her image was widely used on coins, sculptures, and other works of art. This exquisite intaglio is a testament to the enduring appeal of Fortuna and her significance in the ancient world.

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